Thursday, October 20, 2011

We are Otto and Melrose the cats!

OTTO: Hi everyone my name is Otto and I’m a 2-year-old kitty living in Melbourne Australia in the suburb of Brunswick with my new Daddies and my new brother Melrose and they adopted me just eight months ago from the Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne and I had only been there a few days as a stray cat and no one had neutered me or microchipped me yet so the Lost Dogs Home did that for me and put me up for adoption and I had an online picture that looked like this:

And when my Daddies found me in the cattery and picked me up out of my cage I went all limp in their arms because I love to cuddle! And when they got me home they called me Otto but they also nicknamed me "Spaz Cat" because I’m so energetic and I love running around and racing up my kitty tree like this:

...and playing with my feather toy...

...or a mousey toy...

...or hopping up into the window...

...or jogging on the bed...

...or jumping on my new brother Melrose and snuffing his butt...

MELROSE: Go away.

...or grabbing him by his cheeks with my teeth and getting him to play with me...

Melrose: Get off.

OTTO: And Melrose is 8 years old and our Daddies adopted him from the Lort Smith Animal Hospital in North Melbourne on the same day as me which was February 11 and that’s the day we celebrate my birthday. But Melrose already had a microchip that said he was born on February 14 in 2003 so that’s when we’ll celebrate his birthday and we’re both Aquariuses so we have the same horoscope. And Melrose was already named “Melrose” since had an owner who dropped him off at Lort Smith in December of 2010 when she moved overseas to Japan and didn’t take him with her and I think Melrose was her only cat. And our new Daddies nicknamed him "Woolly Bear" because he's completely white and woolly like a polar bear. And Melrose is completely deaf which is why I love to pounce on him because he can’t hear me coming...

MELROSE: Don’t touch me.

OTTO: And Melrose was at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital for seven whole weeks before my Daddies saw his picture online and he looked like this:

And they thought, “Who’s going to adopt an 8-year-old deaf cat?” and they decided, “We will,” so they did. But Melrose was very shy at first when they brought him home and he hid behind a box in the upstairs den for two days.

And it took a week before he was brave enough to come downstairs. But I think it was partly my fault because our Daddies brought me home the same day as Melrose and I’m such a hyperactive cat and Melrose probably felt intimidated by me...

MELROSE: You can stop looking at me now.

OTTO: And for the first few days he would try to ignore me every time I came near to him...

...even when I showed him my butt:

MELROSE: Yes, I can see your butt. Now go away.

OTTO: Then after about two weeks Melrose starting sleeping in Daddy Jimmy’s black office chair...

MELROSE: That’s MY chair, thank you very much...

OTTO: And then after the three-week-mark Melrose actually climbed onto our Daddies’ bed and let me sit with him and he didn’t run away:

MELROSE: Yes, I prefer not to discuss that incident, and it’s never happened again.

OTTO: And we started to eat together out of separate bowls...

MELROSE: Shut up and eat.

OTTO: And then at the five-week mark Melrose and I started scouting out separate territories and I would hang out in the kitty tree and Melrose would hide in the bedroom closet...

Then at the six-week mark Melrose started to come downstairs and we would hang out in the living room together...

MELROSE: Hey, why is this blog suddenly a history of my social habits?

OTTO: Well you have to admit you’re a pretty antisocial cat.

MELROSE: You would be too if you were a deaf old man and spent seven weeks in an animal shelter where your owner left you two days before Christmas because she moved to Japan! And you’d be even more antisocial if the guys who finally adopted you stuck you with a pesky 2-year-old who only had his nuts cut five days before you met him and who keeps wanting to jump on you every time you walk around a corner!

OTTO: I’m just playing!

MELROSE: Stop touching me.

OTTO: Hey if you’re deaf how can you hear what I’m saying?

MELROSE: Because we’re blogging. Now shut up and let me talk for myself. I’m not a cat with some weird behavioral disorder. I’m like any other cat. I like to look out windows at night:

I like to look out windows during the day:

I like to look out the front door at our neighbor's cat when she visits our front yard:

I like to stare at nothing with my two different-colored eyes:

I like to chase after a laser toy:

But I like to do those things PRIVATELY!!!

OTTO: And you like to snuggle too admit it. I remember April 29 we wrote it down in our diaries as the day you decided to snuggle Daddy Kevin’s lap. You fell asleep for over an hour! We still have the pictures:

MELROSE: I deny all knowledge of this event.

OTTO: Well I love to snuggle even guests who come to visit...

And I snuggle my Daddy Kevin...

and I snuggle my Daddy Jimmy...

and I snuggle my kitty tree...

and I snuggle the bed...

and I snuggle the banister at the of of the stairs...

MELROSE: OMG, You are such a goof.

Otto: What makes you think I'm a goof?

MELROSE: Indeed. I present this evidence:

Otto: That was nothing! I was just...helping our Daddies unpack the groceries...

MELROSE: And this?

OTTO: Oh yeah? All cats like to do that sort of thing. Remember this?

MELROSE: How dare you.

OTTO: The plastic bag had brand new clothes in them and I think that earns extra points in the goof scale...

MELROSE: I deny all knowledge of this event.

OTTO: But we can friends, right? We’re brothers now, right? Can I lean up against your butt?


OTTO: Can I sit next to you?


OTTO: Can I lick you at least?

MELROSE: Oh, if you must...


  1. Hey, you two. Glad to know you both got yourselves a nice noo home. But Otto, you gotta give Melrose a break now and then, OK?

    Is Melrose for sure deaf in both ears? Sometimes the kittie is only deaf on the side with the bloo eye, and can hear on the not-bloo side. Not a bit deal, but might be worth con sidering.

  2. Hi Otto! Hi Melrose! We're thrilled to meet you, so glad your dads adopted you both. We think Oscar *would* be happy to know they've given a wonderful forever home to two handsome mancats.

    Melrose, our "angel" Annie would have understood your feelings perfectly, after the mom adopted Nicki, then Derry. We hope you really are okay with Otto now--sometimes siblings really are so pesky, especially when they're so much younger and full of energy. As long as you can hold your own and no one's drawing blood, we guess you're okay. LOL.

  3. Hi Otto and Melrose! It's nice to meet you!! And how lucky you both are to have such a good home, even though you might dispute that, Melrose! Otto, we like your stripey tail!

    See you guys later!

  4. Hi, Otto and Melrose. We're glad to know you both have a home and have come to terms on living together.

  5. Kitties! It's so nice to meet you! Your big brother was one of my best friends, so I'm glad you've adopted his daddies. They need some cats to keep them in line!

  6. Hello Otto and Melrose, very nice to meet you. We think you both landed firmly on all four paws when your Dads took you home with them. You are going to have great long lives just like Oscar did!

    Oliver & Gerry

  7. Harrrooo rrooo!! little mates!! Good to meet wooos,


  8. Welcome!!! Sounds like you have a great new home!!

  9. We've come over from Huffle's blog to say hello!!! You are beautiful kitties and I know you will be cuddle-brothers in no time :-) We have a polar bear deaf cat at our house too his name is Casper. Hope you will pop by for a visit sometime.

  10. Hi guys!! We came over from Huffle's place!!
    We think you are the luckiest kitties to get such a wonderful home with your Dads!!!!! You two are so handsome :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  11. Our kitty friend Huffle Mawson told us about you two and we came to say hello. You are both beautiful and handsome. We can tell you have lots of fun together. Nice to meet you.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. You are two handsome mancats! I feel your pain, Melrose. Little brothers sure can be pesky. But they're good for when you want to do naughty things when your pawrents are gone. When they come home, they think your little brother did it (especially if you're laying in the same spot as when they left)!

  13. I'm stopping over from Huffle and Teddy's blog too. You are a beautiful pair and I can see you have a lot to say to each other. Sometimes pretty rude stuff, I'd say, but go with it if thats what you like.

    I hope you will stop by my blog, I own a kitty too, just as cranky as Melrose and not half as pretty.

    Stella and Zkhat

  14. So great to meet you two! My mom thinks that Otto looks like a combo of me and my best friend Dax :-)

  15. Very nice to meet you both! Welcome to the Cat Blogosophere! - Toby and Leia

  16. How nice to meet you. Huffle sent us over! So glad both of you found a great forever home.


  17. We've popped over to see you after hearing about you from our friend Huffle. We are so going to enjoy watching both your adventures. We've noted your birthday cause we just love parties ;) My big bro is a bit hard of hearing too so I know what fun it can be sneaking up hee he :)xx

  18. Hi! We came over from Huffle's to say hello. We are four cats, one dog and one horse and we live in France.

    We loved reading all about the two of you. We thought we would mention that we have lots of friends in Japan, so if you would like us to organise a party to dump a large shipment of something unspeakable in front of Melrose's ex-owner's habitation, we would be happy to oblige.

    Purrs, Woofs and Neighs,
    Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Tommy and Vidock

  19. Hello gentlemen - I'm delighted to meet you. My wee home now belongs to Zebby Cat, a rescued lad who doesn't do fighting (or understand how to defend himself).

    I have been lucky enough to be Zebby's human for 5 1/2 years. His guesstimated age when he adopted me was 8 but really is unknown. I am now also lucky enough to share the same star sign as you.

    I so enjoyed your first post, and getting to know a bit about you both. I must get back blogging again!

    Sending care, huggles and head scritches (and hellos to your Daddies),

    Michelle in Wellington, NZ (with a mildy snoring Zebby in the backgorund. Zeb is kind enough to let me share his big bed overnight!)

  20. Hi guys, Huffle sent us over, were 2 man cats who live in Wales, Blanco and Commodore Fluffy Paws III.
    Were glad your daddies know how to spoil kittys like our people :)Blanco was adopted aged 8 after 6 months in a cats home, he is nearly 14 now and Commie arrived as a kitten from a friend at New Year 2003.
    We share our pets oops people (!) with some dogs but there not so bad! its the grand doggies who come to visit sometimes that annoy us!!

  21. Congrats on the adoption, fellows. I hope you keep up the blogging.

    In my house it's the old fellow who bites the younger cats when he wants to.

  22. Hi Otto and Melrose! We're pals of Huffle's. Nice to see you two get such a great home! You are furry lucky cats. Handsome too. We're Malaysian cats: Au who is 13, Target who is 4, and Guido who is 7 months old.