Thursday, November 24, 2011

There's a Guest In Our House!

OTTO: Hi, Otto here, and Melrose and I were just getting to like each other like this:

And we were spending the days quietly together yawning...

And eating....

And playing...

And napping...

And then suddenly two guests showed up at our house! The first one was a machine called a robotic vacuum cleaner and it moves by itself and it freaked us out!

And then the second guest was another CAT! And it's a GIRL! ACK!

MELROSE: Oh, she's not bad. Her name is Pussy Galore II, and she belongs to Daddy Jimmy's friends Louise and Brian, and she stayed here twice before when Oscar was alive.

MELROSE: I basically stare at her and try to hypnotize her with my odd-coloured eyes, and then we mutually ignore each other.

OTTO: Well, she likes to ignore me most of the time...

Tune in next time to see how this will turn out since I think she's with us for the next five weeks!!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

All About Otto

I'm Otto and I was adopted from the Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne:

And I love to play and play and play but I go in phases. When I first came to my new home in Brunswick I loved my mousey toy:

And then I got tired of it and would only chase my feather toy:

And then our neighbour Michelle brought over a toy that Indy likes to play with and Daddy went to Coles Supermarket and bought me one of my very own:

And then I got addicted to chasing the beam from my Daddy's laser pointer but now I'm jealous because my brother Melrose likes the laser pointer so much that he beats me to it. And he likes to hide behind the door or the laundry basket and pounce on the laser beam and chase it all around like this:

MELROSE: I bet you didn't know I could move so quickly, did you?

OTTO: But my very favouritist toy is my brother Melrose!

MELROSE: Oh no...

MELROSE: As you can see, I'm capable of playing with Spaz Cart if I'm in the mood...but when I'm done, I'm done.

OTTO: And sometimes I get in a really different mood and I grab a blanket in my mouth and I purr really loud and knead with my front paws and I get all turned on:

MELROSE: Yes, well, what do you expect from a 2-year-old cat that was only neutered less than nine months ago?

OTTO: And I like to keep myself clean:

And I like to snuggle my Daddy Kevin in the evening:

And I get really sleepy in the evening and sometimes I fall asleep:

Don't you love my pink toes?

MELROSE: Yes, your toes are almost as pretty as my eyes.
OTTO: Is that you in the bathtub?

MELROSE: Well, yes. I'm not opposed to drinking water from the tap.

OTTO: And birdies! Oh my gosh, I love birdies and there's a bird-feeder outside our living room window and I hide among the drapes and watch the birdies:

And sometimes there's a birdie outside the bedroom window and I climb on the windowsill and my tail goes wild:

And sometimes our neigbour's cat Indy comes by and climbs on our roof:

And Woolly Bear and I look at her through the screen door:

And she yowls at us!

MELROSE: Actually, I can't hear her. I just ask, "What's up, girl?"

OTTO: But, me I like everyone...especially you, our readers!