Thursday, November 24, 2011

There's a Guest In Our House!

OTTO: Hi, Otto here, and Melrose and I were just getting to like each other like this:

And we were spending the days quietly together yawning...

And eating....

And playing...

And napping...

And then suddenly two guests showed up at our house! The first one was a machine called a robotic vacuum cleaner and it moves by itself and it freaked us out!

And then the second guest was another CAT! And it's a GIRL! ACK!

MELROSE: Oh, she's not bad. Her name is Pussy Galore II, and she belongs to Daddy Jimmy's friends Louise and Brian, and she stayed here twice before when Oscar was alive.

MELROSE: I basically stare at her and try to hypnotize her with my odd-coloured eyes, and then we mutually ignore each other.

OTTO: Well, she likes to ignore me most of the time...

Tune in next time to see how this will turn out since I think she's with us for the next five weeks!!!!


  1. Fingers crossed, lads, that the worst to happen over the next 5 weeks is "mutual ignoring of you" by PGII.

    Sending huggles and puRRRRumbles, Michelle and Zebby Cat

  2. Oh, my! A girl in mancat domain. We'll definitely stayed tuned for an update. Her name made our mom laugh...We're not sure why, though.

    BTW, it's lovely to see you mancats getting along quite nicely now!

  3. First your humans bring home some weirdo machine, and NOW they're kitty-sitting? Sheesh, you guys aren't getting any peace, are you?

  4. Otto, what are they feeding you, dood? You is a big manly mancat, now. We hopes efurrything goes ok wif Pussy Galore II. One female in a house of men. Oh my! Keep us updated!