Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Visit from a Neighbourhood Cat

OTTO: Today was so exciting because a little ginger kitty cat came to visit our front door!

MELROSE: Oh, he's cute enough. But I was worried about him because he has a little limp. I kept telling him to go home to his owner, but he must be deaf like me.

OTTO: We spent a good half hour today staring at this little fellow...

MELROSE: And he could be a little spitfire, too!

OTTO: Pussy Galore wasn't interested in visiting our little guest, but no matter. I enjoyed saying hello!


  1. What a sweet baby. Too bad he doesn't haf a pawsome home like you kittehz.

  2. Oh, he does have quite the hiss!

    He's wearing a collar, must have a home somewhere, though we're not sure it would be a good home. We hope so!

  3. Your visitor is very cute! But hissing like that is kinda rude!!

  4. I love when cats come to visit me at my door! Way better than bird TV or any of that other stuff the other kitties talk bout.