Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day Movies

MELROSE: In case you weren't in Melbourne, Australia yesterday (which was Christmas Day), here's a video of the hail storm that sent PGII under the living room couch:

MELROSE: And because Otto stole my Christmas feather toy, today I have to make do with making toys out of non-toys, like this cardboard centre from a roll of paper towels. Daddy took this film of me...

...until I realized I was acting like a stupid dog, so I stopped!


  1. Christmas hail??? Wow! Good idea to hide out til it was ofur. We don't think you are acting like a woofie, we thinks you were being inventive. Happy Holly-daze! (we hopes you haf better weddur fur new years)

  2. Wow we hope you're all safe today. What a storm!

  3. Whoa! I'd dive under something too with hail like that! In fact, that is just what I did when we had a similar storm one evening a few weeks ago. As for the tube - you are playing like Binga, not like a dog!