Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve Excitement

OTTO: I caught a mousey, I caught a mousey!

OTTO: Two nights ago just after midnight I caught a mousey downstairs and I took him straight upstairs to my Daddy Jimmy and showed mister mousey to him and to Melrose and to Pussy Galore and I was so happy!

MELROSE: And Pussy Galore and I didn't have the energy to interact with Spaz Cat, so we just sat back and watched.

OTTO: And then I put mister mousey down and he ran underneath a pile of dirty laundry so I had to dig him out and it took me a long time...

OTTO: And when I finally got mister mousey back I growled like a fierce tiger holding his prey!

MELROSE: Of course, I didn't hear him, but I got the message anyway.

OTTO: And then I took my mousey downstairs again and played with him some more under the dining table...

MELROSE: Otto likes to play with his mice, which is why he lets them run away so he can chase after them again. And after half an hour of playing this way, he let his mouse run underneath Daddy Kevin's desk and the mouse ESCAPED. And for a whole day we had no idea where he was! And PGII and I spent the whole morning sniffing around the whole house for this mouse, but we never found him.

OTTO: But I kept a vigil outside the kitchen all night in case I saw another mousey..

OTTO: And then, just this morning, I found mister mousey again in the very place where he escaped!

OTTO: But this time Daddy Kevin took my mousey away from me and put him in a plastic box. Drat!

MELROSE: Then Daddy Jimmy showed the mouse to Pussy Galore...

MELROSE: ...and she showed no interest whatever. As for me, I ate my breakfast during the whole escapade.

OTTO: I hope this new year will bring me more mouseys!

MELROSE: And I hope in this new year Daddy Jimmy will stop taking my picture all the time!


  1. Wow, that is such a fierce tiger growl you have there. What brilliant mousing skills you have. I've never caught a real mousie. Figgy, who lived here with Simba before me was a brilliant mouser and neighbours even borrowed him. I wonder if mousie will come back to play another day? We wish you all a wonderful New Year and most definitely hope 2012 brings you all you wish for :)xx

  2. Wow, you're quite the mighty hunter, we're impressed! The mom is saying poor mousie and is glad he finally was saved. LOL.

    A very happy new year to you all -- we hope it brings an abundance of love, Light, laughter and (toy) mousies. :-)

  3. Holy CATS that's an exciting story! We gotta go lay down. We're new followers, drop on over sometime!
    Happy New Year!

    xx The Katnip Lounge Kitties

  4. My human was always rescuing some hapless creature from the cat before me - and she has snatched a couple of lizards away from me too! Such fun killers, humans are. I hope your 2012 is full of fun - and lots more mice (including catnip mice)!