Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Photos

OTTO: This is the Christmas tree that my Daddies put up last night:

OTTO: And this is the stupid jingle-bell Santa collar they put around Melrose's neck...

OTTO: So this morning Melrose peed on the tree!

MELROSE: Actually, I only peed on the tree skirt. And I wasn't getting revenge because of the collar. I just wanted to let our Daddies know that the litter box needed changing. And guess what, they changed it!

OTTO: If you say so, all I know is that you waited until both Daddies were in the room and then you let loose a gallon of pee on the tree skirt like you had been saving up your urine all night...

MELROSE: How did you guess? I refuse to use a dirty litter box.

OTTO: At least PGII was oblivious to the whole thing...

OTTO: And in the end, I had to wear the collar!


  1. Hahahahahahaha!!!!! The mom just burst out laughing. Well, serves your humans right for not keeping your litter box clean. Our noses are far better than theirs, so even if they can't smell anything it doesn't mean WE can't!

    But those collars have to go. Seriously. A real holiday mood-killer. Thank cod our mom doesn't make us wear stuff. :-P

  2. Ooooo and laughter too.

    Zebby Cat used to pee just outside his litter tray to protest for the same reason.HIS human (me) soon learnt better! Right now Zeb is munching on his indoor pot of cat grass and puRRRumbling loudly.

    We don't do collars coz they freak out Zebby, and he has enough phobias for His human to cope with.

    Hope you all have a great weekend, Michelle and Zeb, xxxxx and large amounts of loud purrs

  3. Ugh, that collar! My human tried to put one like that on me to take a photo... and I ran and jumped IN the litter box (MINE was clean... until shortly after I jumped into it).